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Seeing Your Transformation

Or the fairy-tale of Goldiglasses and the zero bears

The dictionary defines transformation as a “marked change in form, nature, or appearance”. That definition does not seem to provide the gravitas that embodies the experience of transformation. When I think of transformation I think of it as permanent whole system change which involves gaining new capabilities and losing old ones. The quote by Heraclitus comes a smidgen closer “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man*” (*read as ungendered).

As I work with our clients to design, set-up and implement their transformation, I am very aware of the elusiveness of making the outcomes of that transformation visible.

Some instances of change, like systems and processes, we can show ‘before and after’s’. But most transformation occurs deep in the base of the change iceberg. Large and unseen. We are talking, mindsets, beliefs and values translating into norms, habits and processes. These foundational ‘unseens’ are rarely noticed, until something happens and we bump hard against change. Bumps like the Goldiglasses experience.

Transformation Iceberg – ‘unseens’ are deep AND invisible without deep dives

Join me for story time.

Recently, I pulled my reading glasses out of my bag, an action I do about a squillion times a day. Unlike every other time, this time I had only one lens present.




Problem solving.

I tipped the bag out. I’ll just fix it. Alas, it was not to be. No lens anywhere, even when I traced my steps back.



My beautiful optometrist was on it. It would take several days. This meant that I was wearing my previous reading glasses for about a week. The glasses that had been perfect for 2022-23 me. They were the ones I wore a squillion times. They literally helped me see this big beautiful world.

And now… these perfect glasses were not quite right. Just like Goldilocks the glasses that had been just right, were too fuzzy. Both the river and I had changed.

Why should you care about Goldiglasses and the zero bears story?

We work so hard to achieve transformation. It is effortful, risky, messy and uncomfortable in ways that we often don’t consider when we enter the process. Seeing our change, growth and new foundation is critical to assessing and sustaining the hard earned changes we made.

My invitation today is to notice the unseen transformation moments when you bump up against them. They will often be moments that make you pause because something around you has changed. A promotion may bring awareness to distance from the connections you used to have in one on ones. A mentoring session may show you just how much you have progressed in a skill. A challenging conversation may show you that you have been able to respond with courage and compassion instead of aggression and hierarchy.

Do you have a Goliglasses moment that has made your transformation visible?

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